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[sticky post] 5G Dangers and Information.

The above link gives warnings and the below link gives a bit of technical information.
5G implementation is being fast tracked .It is targeting initially major cities.It has been known initially as Advanced 4G,s known initially which has now been installed as fast networks ,in prepearation of even faster 5G  around 2020.They are planning this as a world wide program but it will take 10 years to get this sort of coverage for pro 4G.Fast Wigig networks will also be introduced by wifi providers using signals around 60Ghz.It is said to be no coincidence that 4G uses 2.4 Ghz.This is the frequency at which water molecules absorb radiation.Bi-atomic oxygen, as found in our air supply absorbs radio frequencies at 60 Ghz.These are weaponized systems ,as are many other things.5G has a much higher frequency.It is easily blocked, especially by foilage, trees etc and doesn't travel far.Therefore transmitters have to be placed every 50 metres  or so.It is basically required to relay these signals, so they wish to be operating in everybodies home, with wireless technologies.Smart metres  for electricity etc.They wish for people to be herded together in cities etc for control, use and easy extermination purposes.They are using directed energy weapons now openly such as to burn down foilage, trees etc as with the fires in California.Other examples being the World Trades Centre 9/11 and the big explosion in China, Grenville Tower may have been a directed energy weapon attack.They also have ways of controlling peoples thoughts and actions with radiation.Voices as well.

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Free Energy



    These two videos are extremely significant.The former does detail the mechanics of free energy as he sees it A very intelligent scientist, although he is also a Lt.Col.In the army as well.

From the scientist viewpoint free energy is rejected not only for the reasons he syas, but also because the unification of physics has not yet been achieved in the standard model understanding of science and therefore much is still not acceptable to them.

It is clear that Lt.Col Thomas Bearden has seen into the unknown, the source of this information.He has opened the space time door and taken knowledge from beyond.This is what has done by our break away government.This knowledge  is being back engineered to deliver such 5th.sixth dimesional technologies etc.But it is illegal from then nstandard point of view.

Prison Detainees

Psychiatric hospitals and prisons are full of illegally detained people.It not just a few people that this applies too.It applies to the majority.Many find there way there for minor reasons or by mistake, never again to be released.Within the meaning of the law concerned,mental health act or correct interpretation of the information, there is a massive corruption of the legal system.The blacklisting machinery is heavy on anyone who is in contact with this information.Once involved with the legal system it is very rare that a person ever escapes it.
The machinary is contructed so as falsify information relating to these people, either by accident or intentionally.It is a massive fraud,as is the NHS, that keeps the system going and the financial wheels turning. As such it is milked dry by all concerned, high earning barristers , judges service workers, doctors etc.
Having said that about prisons,there is also a need to dispel other myths.It is the governments practice to use false flags, and many notorious dangerous criminals are not what they are portrayed to be.Stiched up or exaggerated is the norm, even if there are serious crimes involved, more are added.It is not realized by outsiders from prison, that offenders are no longer offenders after a few years in prison.By withdrawal from the outer world, they return to their senses.They become human again.Very much so.They also realize the power of the law and correction.Punishment too.For example myths surrounding Ron Kray and brother are entirely false.They were reformed within 6-7 years to their human selves.Nothing wrong after this sort of time period and would have qualified to be released.This is the same for most other so called violent and dangerous criminals.

They are detained after this period for other reasons and politics.Hostages of the state.In fact these hostages are earmarked for the government for capture and detainment long before they are active in crime,(if they are),or break the law.Sometimes in early childhood.
It is Political.

Snippet of information

The following scribble was picked up in a conversation noticeboard in  good faith.It would have some credibility.See what you think.

John Whelan

2 years ago

John was my favorite Beatle. When he was killed, I went numb for eight days trying to figure out why. I felt like I was out of touch with time for that period. Still miss John Lennon's musical genius.

Michael Boyers

2 years ago

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John Lennon Incidient.

I think  I came across articles that point to George Harrisons passing away as being suspicious, but I cannot at the moment find them.The story goes,also,that Paul McCartney was violently killed in 1966 and replaced with the current look-a-like who has had plastic surgery,planted from the inteligence people, to take over the Beatles phenomena.The story is strong on the internet.Maybe.

If true that paul was murdered by MI5 it would be one of the strongest reasons to silence john Lennon.

But this link shows that nothing can be certain when it comes to the information encountered on the internet.

But further information is being written online about the John Lennon murder.The following points are pretty conclusively proving it was as intelligence job.

Firstly the doorman of  the hotel, where he was  killed.was an active employee of a CIA assasination team.He was a Cuban exile.

Witness statements conflict.Yoko says chapman said nothing,but  just shot.Police statements claimed otherwise,and also witnesses .They refer  to Chapman calling to John and that John turned around to face him.and shot 4 times.Yoko says that Chapman did not speak., and it is confirmed by the bullets that he was not shot from the front.It is claimed that 9/10 shots were fired and a second gunman with a silencer was present.Bullet holes in area  and the 4 bullets through John totalled to 10 bullets.Chapmans gun held only 5 bullets.

This has been known for quite a long time.It ammounts to conficting information, but  more is being added now ,online.

The information surrounding Yoko is now piling up as to paint a dodgy portrait.Firstly, as with Chapman, she was committed to a mental institution some good few years earlier, and may not have got out so easily and covered this up,but for a powerful man friend in japan who bailed her out of trouble.Neither her nor John were "clean",there is a lot to hide.It is possible that he was going to talk about the killing of Paul in 1966,and new control of the Beatles,if this is true,they certainly would have killed him.

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Amazing Man.





these 4 links above give details of some amazing secret stuuf, and disclosures, that we can expect to rock the world ,which they have begun to do already.

These videos are available on youtube and there are many of them | site tht I have found also tht is first class is http://www.gaia.com although there is a subscription fee for this channel.

Did You Know

1.They discovered an ancient crashed space ship on Mars during the Apollo 20 mission.It had a female pilot in the front seat perfectly preserved in the frozen conditions.She was wired up to drive the ship telepathically.The Ship was several miles long and half a mile high.Made of Gold.

In the cargo bay there were millions of embryos.

It was crashed next to a mountain two miles high, made of solid gold.We have been mining on the moon for a good while.So its pretty obvious we have plenty of gold.There is the rest of the solar system as well.They are not short of minerals and precious metals etc.

2.They have submarines that can travel at 4oomiles per hour.The Chinese are currently contructing a submarine which will travel at 2,000 mph.

3.There are underground systems and tunnels all over USA from east to west coast.Also under the North Atlantic, UK and otherplaces.They have a high speed rail link capable of doing mach 10. (10,000mph).Travelling from UK to west coast USA in 20mins.

4.They take off from a base on the moon to go to Mars.It takes as little as 15/20 minutes to get there.

5.They have portals in American cities and elsewhere  (jump rooms)These can teleport passengers to Mars in a minute or so.

6.Much of life on mars lives underground.

7.A Reptilian species , highly advanced, 12 feet tall and very strong, have their own technology spaceships as well.An Insect species, similarly ,also live on Mars.

There are 5 Alien races, civilizations that live under the surface onb ourvearth.Also highly advanced.Antartica has  a very rich civilization and technology still living and active under the ice.

8.The 4th Reich HQ and bases are on Ceres  in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.They have an advanced technology and  population.Much of WW2 was about Alien Technology.They had German UFO,s and bases on the Moon and under the Antartic even then.

9.They have slave colonies ,red light districts and night clubs on Mars.Even prostitutes work there.They kidnap slaveworkers from earth for reasons of econmy.Its cheaper.They work sometimes on our huge cargo UFO,s Transporting goods around the solar system and further.One of these craft was given to us from ET and is 2,000 years old.

All the bodies in our solar system are inhabited.

10.They have super technology built into our spaceships.They can set the Navigatgional equipment to travel anywhere in Space andTime.(other galaxies.)

11.They can teleport people in large numbers off a planet into a ship or elsewhere.Beam them up.

They have quantum computers and any medical advance you can think of.The cure for cancer, growing limbs back , cloning extra Humans out of a small sample.,regenerating a dead damaged soldier back to normal.

12.Soldiers go on a 20 year mission in theSolar Fleet.They return them back to the age from whence they took them so they don't miss out on their life.Theyhave time technology.

13.They have invisabilliy cloaking so soldiers cant be seen on the battlefield, urban warfare etc.

14.They are at constant war with ET.They use nuclear weapons against them all the time , not only in this solar system but in other solar systems.Over disputes such as trade agreements,or territory.

15.Theycontrol the weather at will can deliver hurricanes and earthquakes to order.(Japanese Sunami nd Nuclear disaster was one example.).Katrina etc.

16.An energy weapon blew up world trades centre buildings.Maybe Grenville.

17.They have free energy, antigravity,the"gravity particle".

18.The moon is an artificial satellite.Thereusedto be 2 moons.

19.We on earth constructed aa huge mining vehicle/machinery the size of several football pitches and transported it to the moon to begin mining operations.Must have th technology to tele port it.

20.These breakaway factions observe no law are corrupt and criminal.They abuse the tech for their own gratification.Plunder other planets and do what they like on earth and  in the solar system.

Break Away Solar System Colonies.

It all there on you tube , a steady stream of whistleblowing and disclosures as to what has really been going on with our breakaway Civilization.and World Governements  for the last 50 years..From 30,000 mile long UFO,s discovered in Saturns rings to our Ships that have the technology to travel to other stars and galaxies.They also have the technology for the Ships to travel in Time.

We had men on Mars by 1932 And colonies on the moon.

Mars is populated by very intelligent life forms ,in the shape of reptiles and also Insects, taller and more powerfull than we are.It also has wild animals.In one mission of 70,000 humans transported to Mars, 60,000 of them were killed and eaten by wild animals.It has a breatheable atmosphere.

We have colonies and cities on Mars and at a guess 2-4 million people.

All the planets and many moons and asteroids in our solar system are populated by living beings.

I shall be posting on this journal discoveries and disclosures derived from researching YouTube.