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John Lennon Incidient.

I think  I came across articles that point to George Harrisons passing away as being suspicious, but I cannot at the moment find them.The story goes,also,that Paul McCartney was violently killed in 1966 and replaced with the current look-a-like who has had plastic surgery,planted from the inteligence people, to take over the Beatles phenomena.The story is strong on the internet.Maybe.

If true that paul was murdered by MI5 it would be one of the strongest reasons to silence john Lennon.

But this link shows that nothing can be certain when it comes to the information encountered on the internet.

But further information is being written online about the John Lennon murder.The following points are pretty conclusively proving it was as intelligence job.

Firstly the doorman of  the hotel, where he was  killed.was an active employee of a CIA assasination team.He was a Cuban exile.

Witness statements conflict.Yoko says chapman said nothing,but  just shot.Police statements claimed otherwise,and also witnesses .They refer  to Chapman calling to John and that John turned around to face him.and shot 4 times.Yoko says that Chapman did not speak., and it is confirmed by the bullets that he was not shot from the front.It is claimed that 9/10 shots were fired and a second gunman with a silencer was present.Bullet holes in area  and the 4 bullets through John totalled to 10 bullets.Chapmans gun held only 5 bullets.

This has been known for quite a long time.It ammounts to conficting information, but  more is being added now ,online.

The information surrounding Yoko is now piling up as to paint a dodgy portrait.Firstly, as with Chapman, she was committed to a mental institution some good few years earlier, and may not have got out so easily and covered this up,but for a powerful man friend in japan who bailed her out of trouble.Neither her nor John were "clean",there is a lot to hide.It is possible that he was going to talk about the killing of Paul in 1966,and new control of the Beatles,if this is true,they certainly would have killed him.

During her time with John, and at the time of the incident she more or less commanded a firm of heavies from the New York police doing her dirty work, according to gossip.Further more, Johns body guards,were controlled by Yoko.On the night of the shooting his body guards were absent.The reason given was that the were down with flu.Again according to gossip, it is said that Yoko gave the New York Police dept the OK , that they wouldn't be needed.

My reading is that Yoko was an agent, under inteligence control, in a similar way to Chapman.My reading definitely concludes that Yoko, s interests were contrary to Johns.

Also , I think, but I am not sure, that the massive wealth of John went to Yoko.We know that Cynthia and Julian were written out of the inheritance.We also know that her previous husband was a very powerful man in Japan, who could have easily eliminated John.It is certain that Yoko was under the spell of this first marriage, if you look at the details.

John was living a lie.He must have been pretty high on the CIA wanted menu.

He had enemies.

Most people would suspect that it was an inteligence killing, but the point of the story now is that it was quite a big conspiracy, in intelligence and civil circles.Money could have been a factor also.

Everybody knows that chapman was an MK ultra progamed worker, but what you might not know is his passport information.He travelled extensively to most foreign cities, world wide, and this is not credible, if  his background and financial status, is to be believed.Recently his Haiwian wife has made a statement specific to this detail.I do wonder why.She was a travel agent and suggests this explains away his flight costs, but I don't think so.They may have discounted 10%,thats about all.

Also,what is such a man doing in the company of  some other famous musicians in New York on the day of the shooting?

The witness statements are not believable.They are discredited. But the forensic information  is not forthcoming from the New York authorities examination of the damage to the area indicates 9/10 bullets.Police are concealing information.

They promoting the "lone guman theory", when there are quite a few dodgy characters on the scene,some of them well known musicians, (James Taylor and a few more),by all accounts the normal seedy scene of hippy type drug musicians with money to spare.Yoko Ono with a mental history worse than Chapmans, is overlooked/concealed.I would argue that her strong effort to prevent Chapmans release is not healthy after 38 years.His release is not in her interests,nor others, because of what he knows.These people were,and still are, members of a secret cult,and they are nothing less than a conspiracy,in these sort of matters.Lennon broke the code and "ran with the money".He had to be killed.

The more you look  the more obvious it gets.
It is said that most of the other pop star and famous people,s suicides and deaths followed this blueprint of government assasination.

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