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Prison Detainees

Psychiatric hospitals and prisons are full of illegally detained people.It not just a few people that this applies too.It applies to the majority.Many find there way there for minor reasons or by mistake, never again to be released.Within the meaning of the law concerned,mental health act or correct interpretation of the information, there is a massive corruption of the legal system.The blacklisting machinery is heavy on anyone who is in contact with this information.Once involved with the legal system it is very rare that a person ever escapes it.
The machinary is contructed so as falsify information relating to these people, either by accident or intentionally.It is a massive fraud,as is the NHS, that keeps the system going and the financial wheels turning. As such it is milked dry by all concerned, high earning barristers , judges service workers, doctors etc.
Having said that about prisons,there is also a need to dispel other myths.It is the governments practice to use false flags, and many notorious dangerous criminals are not what they are portrayed to be.Stiched up or exaggerated is the norm, even if there are serious crimes involved, more are added.It is not realized by outsiders from prison, that offenders are no longer offenders after a few years in prison.By withdrawal from the outer world, they return to their senses.They become human again.Very much so.They also realize the power of the law and correction.Punishment too.For example myths surrounding Ron Kray and brother are entirely false.They were reformed within 6-7 years to their human selves.Nothing wrong after this sort of time period and would have qualified to be released.This is the same for most other so called violent and dangerous criminals.

They are detained after this period for other reasons and politics.Hostages of the state.In fact these hostages are earmarked for the government for capture and detainment long before they are active in crime,(if they are),or break the law.Sometimes in early childhood.
It is Political.
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