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5G Dangers and Information.

The above link gives warnings and the below link gives a bit of technical information.
5G implementation is being fast tracked .It is targeting initially major cities.It has been known initially as Advanced 4G,s known initially which has now been installed as fast networks ,in prepearation of even faster 5G  around 2020.They are planning this as a world wide program but it will take 10 years to get this sort of coverage for pro 4G.Fast Wigig networks will also be introduced by wifi providers using signals around 60Ghz.It is said to be no coincidence that 4G uses 2.4 Ghz.This is the frequency at which water molecules absorb radiation.Bi-atomic oxygen, as found in our air supply absorbs radio frequencies at 60 Ghz.These are weaponized systems ,as are many other things.5G has a much higher frequency.It is easily blocked, especially by foilage, trees etc and doesn't travel far.Therefore transmitters have to be placed every 50 metres  or so.It is basically required to relay these signals, so they wish to be operating in everybodies home, with wireless technologies.Smart metres  for electricity etc.They wish for people to be herded together in cities etc for control, use and easy extermination purposes.They are using directed energy weapons now openly such as to burn down foilage, trees etc as with the fires in California.Other examples being the World Trades Centre 9/11 and the big explosion in China, Grenville Tower may have been a directed energy weapon attack.They also have ways of controlling peoples thoughts and actions with radiation.Voices as well.

There is no doubt that the frequencies they have been and are using have been choosen deliberately for the purpose of weaponization.

The bi production of harmful effects of the 2.4 Ghz wifi  and 4G emisions have been researched and the health hazards are enourmous.The new 5G radiation uses a wavelength that is not absorbed easily .I have not seen research results as to the health hazards as yet.But the intentional risks and hazards are obviously bad ,if not worse.

Other reasons for 5g and Wigig are surveillance , as well as kill.This is a Kill network.We can see NWO is rolling on and not intending to be distracted or halted by us.Planned long ago.We already know what its politics are.

It will offer at the same time a technology vastly improved.It will deliver another Tech revolution  that has been founded on the prepartary 4G Advanced networks.

We can see it intends to be the Blueprint for the whole world.They see us and the world in a physical way, not a spiritual way, and  it is miraculous technology physically but not spiritually, (in many peoples opinion).In this area people are fearing the loss of our souls.

Particularly concerning are the health hazards of infertility and cancers etc. that this radiations are delivering,But alongside the introduction of chemicals and heavy metals into our food air and water.It is hard to separate what is deliberate and accidental, but we have enough information to assume that we are being dangerously harmed or killed.It does seem that this applies to all of us within the smart grid.

Maybe the breakaway civilization has escaped already and is now finalizing its masterplan Genome project.Are we resultant left over expendable containers, to be used for any purpose until we killed?

Who knows what the plan is, but it is along these lines.Nothing is written in stone and maybe the rest is up to us.If not the past, the present and the future.

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