Break Away Solar System Colonies.

It all there on you tube , a steady stream of whistleblowing and disclosures as to what has really been going on with our breakaway Civilization.and World Governements  for the last 50 years..From 30,000 mile long UFO,s discovered in Saturns rings to our Ships that have the technology to travel to other stars and galaxies.They also have the technology for the Ships to travel in Time.

We had men on Mars by 1932 And colonies on the moon.

Mars is populated by very intelligent life forms ,in the shape of reptiles and also Insects, taller and more powerfull than we are.It also has wild animals.In one mission of 70,000 humans transported to Mars, 60,000 of them were killed and eaten by wild animals.It has a breatheable atmosphere.

We have colonies and cities on Mars and at a guess 2-4 million people.

All the planets and many moons and asteroids in our solar system are populated by living beings.

I shall be posting on this journal discoveries and disclosures derived from researching YouTube.


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