Did You Know

1.They discovered an ancient crashed space ship on Mars during the Apollo 20 mission.It had a female pilot in the front seat perfectly preserved in the frozen conditions.She was wired up to drive the ship telepathically.The Ship was several miles long and half a mile high.Made of Gold.

In the cargo bay there were millions of embryos.

It was crashed next to a mountain two miles high, made of solid gold.We have been mining on the moon for a good while.So its pretty obvious we have plenty of gold.There is the rest of the solar system as well.They are not short of minerals and precious metals etc.

2.They have submarines that can travel at 4oomiles per hour.The Chinese are currently contructing a submarine which will travel at 2,000 mph.

3.There are underground systems and tunnels all over USA from east to west coast.Also under the North Atlantic, UK and otherplaces.They have a high speed rail link capable of doing mach 10. (10,000mph).Travelling from UK to west coast USA in 20mins.

4.They take off from a base on the moon to go to Mars.It takes as little as 15/20 minutes to get there.

5.They have portals in American cities and elsewhere  (jump rooms)These can teleport passengers to Mars in a minute or so.

6.Much of life on mars lives underground.

7.A Reptilian species , highly advanced, 12 feet tall and very strong, have their own technology spaceships as well.An Insect species, similarly ,also live on Mars.

There are 5 Alien races, civilizations that live under the surface onb ourvearth.Also highly advanced.Antartica has  a very rich civilization and technology still living and active under the ice.

8.The 4th Reich HQ and bases are on Ceres  in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.They have an advanced technology and  population.Much of WW2 was about Alien Technology.They had German UFO,s and bases on the Moon and under the Antartic even then.

9.They have slave colonies ,red light districts and night clubs on Mars.Even prostitutes work there.They kidnap slaveworkers from earth for reasons of econmy.Its cheaper.They work sometimes on our huge cargo UFO,s Transporting goods around the solar system and further.One of these craft was given to us from ET and is 2,000 years old.

All the bodies in our solar system are inhabited.

10.They have super technology built into our spaceships.They can set the Navigatgional equipment to travel anywhere in Space andTime.(other galaxies.)

11.They can teleport people in large numbers off a planet into a ship or elsewhere.Beam them up.

They have quantum computers and any medical advance you can think of.The cure for cancer, growing limbs back , cloning extra Humans out of a small sample.,regenerating a dead damaged soldier back to normal.

12.Soldiers go on a 20 year mission in theSolar Fleet.They return them back to the age from whence they took them so they don't miss out on their life.Theyhave time technology.

13.They have invisabilliy cloaking so soldiers cant be seen on the battlefield, urban warfare etc.

14.They are at constant war with ET.They use nuclear weapons against them all the time , not only in this solar system but in other solar systems.Over disputes such as trade agreements,or territory.

15.Theycontrol the weather at will can deliver hurricanes and earthquakes to order.(Japanese Sunami nd Nuclear disaster was one example.).Katrina etc.

16.An energy weapon blew up world trades centre buildings.Maybe Grenville.

17.They have free energy, antigravity,the"gravity particle".

18.The moon is an artificial satellite.Thereusedto be 2 moons.

19.We on earth constructed aa huge mining vehicle/machinery the size of several football pitches and transported it to the moon to begin mining operations.Must have th technology to tele port it.

20.These breakaway factions observe no law are corrupt and criminal.They abuse the tech for their own gratification.Plunder other planets and do what they like on earth and  in the solar system.


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